Path-Wallpaper-6Spirituality does not have a distinct definition. Spirituality is not distinct because spirituality is apart of your own personal growth and development within your own personality. Some individuals prefer to attend an organized religion such as churches, synagogues, mosques, and more. Some individuals look at spirituality through quiet time or reflection like meditation, yoga, walking or jogging, and more.

Spirituality simply means that we each are on a journey called life seeking something that is greater than who we are. Most would call this a “Higher Power,” for a better understanding. Spirituality deals with the inward reflection of the human being, the spirit man or the soul. Spirituality acknowledges the inward and outward appearances of the individual.

Spirituality reflects inwardly and allows us to discover who we are within our personality and within our own temperaments. Spirituality reflects outwardly through activities allowing us to partake in spiritual rituals or have symbolic meanings. These things are done as a means to connect with the individual(s) “Higher Power”.

We each arise fighting the perils of life and there comes a point in life where we will reach a wall in which we cannot climb over or get around it on our own. It is a path that only we, the individual, can take on this journey called life. No one else can walk the path for us. Although we may see others on the road, each individual will be walking or running at their own pace. 

The beauty of spirituality is acknowledging where you stand as you walk the path of life. Are you a newbie, or maybe you are a beginner, maybe you are in between or in the middle, or maybe you are advanced. Either way, spirituality is not about where you are but where you are going. Where are you headed? Are you headed towards a peace of mind? Are you headed towards finding your hope? Are you seeking to reach enlightenment? 

No matter where you make the choice or decision the beauty of it all is that it is your choice and it is your decision. Be wise in all that you do and learn more about who you are spiritually. Connect with individuals who are on a path like yourself. Acknowledge your “Higher Power” even if it seems hard to do.

The beauty of acknowledging your “Higher Power” says that you are already headed in the right direction. What direction is that? It is a path that only you can decide by finding your own spirituality through studying, connecting with others, growing on a daily and consistent basis, and becoming a better version of who you are as an individual. May your spirituality be enriched and blessed on this journey called life.

Steine am Wasser

Written by Rekita Nelson, M.A. in Pastoral Counseling